The First Step

The First Step

Psalm 37:23 The steps of a [good and righteous] man are directed and established by the Lord, And He delights in his way [and blesses his path].

There’s a time in life when we should sit still. The Lord will tell us to stand where we are, not necessarily because it a “safe” place, but because we need to learn a lesson in the quiet. Then, there are times, equally important, when the Lord tells us to get moving, pick up speed and prepare to jump.  It’s in those moments we are being asked to step out in faith, but take heart, we aren’t the first who’ve been asked to do so.  There are many examples in the Bible and, while the way might not have been smooth, the risk takers who placed their trust in the Lord were always stronger for having taken that bumpy journey. Please remember you are not traveling alone.

When we step out in faith we are telling the Lord that we understand that we cannot do what He wants us to do...without Him. The big question is do I have what it takes to step out in faith to serve the Lord full-time and trust Him to provide for all our needs.

When I accepted my current position, I knew that I was going to have to move to a new city. We didn't know anyone there except the real estate agent who helped us get our home. I quit my job and took off on this new adventure knowing that it could be months before I might see a paycheck. My family was supportive, they really wanted to move, but none of us were prepared for what was going to happen next. We had left all our furniture and the majority of all we had in a storage facility. With all the deposits required to move in we couldn't afford to rent a truck and move. So, we moved into an empty five-bedroom house. The adventure had begun.

Within a week we had new beds to sleep on, a table and chairs for our kitchen and a TV sitting in the corner of our living room. We began every morning, as a family, in prayer. Each family member would take turns praying. We would begin thanking God for our beautiful home and for the opportunity to serve Him. At night we would pray again. These prayers were still filled with thanks for what we had, then we began to declare and decree that more blessings would come. We got bold in our declarations and even said "by this date we will have this, or that." We also knew that the first of the month was coming and that no money had come into the house. So, we all prayed harder. December 31st arrived, and our bank account had $25 in it and we knew that on the first of January we needed $950. Nothing happened New Year's Day, banks and offices were closed anyway, but on the 2nd day of January we were blessed with our rent money. This happened for three more months. Had we not stepped out in faith; we might have never seen what stepping out in faith means.

One very important thing I have learned from this, is, that God rewards us for our faithfulness. Even if the path seems scary, like you might lose everything, just thank Him for what He has given you. Praise Him for everything you are going to have, too. That shows a confidence that you have that He will never abandon you.

If God is calling you to do something, or go somewhere, are you willing to take the first step. He wants to know if you are willing.

Pastor Jeff Godsey

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