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Good Day to you, Blessings to you and yours from Our Lord Jesus Christ,

Okay if you are a people person and you want to help others more.  If you are here you probably know at this point that our Lord Jesus Christ wants us to be among the people and try to help them as much as possible.  If you have had the desire to do more in your life but felt that you have hit a brick wall.  Could that wall be that you are unsure if you will be accepted?  Could it be that hospitals, nursing homes and yes just people in general won't accept your help?  It can make a great difference being an ordained minister.  It can open doors to you when you visit the sick, people will be more receptive to you when you ask if they could use a prayer.  

I myself chose to go the route of preaching the Gospel in nursing homes on a volunteer basis.  Two things happen while preparing my services I think about the readings and how I can make them appropriate to the folks I will be preaching to.  I am not just reading t

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